Dalhousie University Scholarships 2024 (Application Guide)

Exciting news for aspiring students! Dalhousie University is currently accepting applications for its 2024–2025 scholarships. This post provides a comprehensive guide on the Dalhousie University Scholarship, outlining its benefits and a step-by-step application process.

The Dalhousie University Scholarship 2024–2025, fully financed for international students, covers master’s and doctoral programs. This $30,000 scholarship encompasses monthly stipends, housing expenses, fee waivers, and health insurance.

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Scholarship Summary:

  • Level of Study: Masters, PhD
  • Institution(s): Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: [Dalhousie University’s graduate programs](link to programs)
  • Program Period: Three years for PhD, two years for a master’s degree
  • Deadline: January 16, 2024

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Scholarship Coverage:

Several categories of Dalhousie University scholarships are available, including:

  1. Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship: $10,000 annually for master’s and $15,000 annually for doctoral levels.
  2. Killam Predoctoral Scholarships: Up to $42,000 annually for master’s (Level 1) and doctorate (Level 2).
  3. Vitamin Scholarship: $19,000 for master’s and $21,000 for doctoral degrees per academic year.
  4. Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship: $40,000 for a complete academic year, renewable annually.

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Qualifications for Scholarship at Dalhousie University:

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All countries worldwide

How to Apply for Scholarships at Dalhousie University:

Follow these steps to apply:

  • Log in to the [FGS Scholarship Management Platform](link to platform). If you don’t have a Dalhousie NetID, set up a password and enter your email address.
  • Create a new scholarship application or modify an existing one in the “My applications” section.
  • For master’s degree applicants, opt-in using the CGS-M application through the Harmonized Scholarship Process by selecting “Master’s Level – CGS-M Opt-In.”
  • Fill out the self-identification form to ensure correct grouping and eligibility.
  • Complete the application, click “Next” on each page, and save progress as needed.
  • Upload official transcripts directly into the scholarship portal. Current Dalhousie students may submit unofficial grade reports.
  • Ensure all reference letters are uploaded by January 16, 2024 (or February 15 for non-thesis candidates).
  • Save and finalize the application after agreeing to the terms and conditions.

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  • Adjustments can be made before the January 15 deadline by withdrawing and resubmitting the application.
  • Check the [official website](link to official website) for detailed information and guidelines.

Don’t miss this opportunity to apply for Dalhousie University Scholarships and further your academic journey!

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